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Since Smith Gambrell Russell began practicing law in 1893, we have pursued a vision of building one of the country’s premier full-service business firms. Today we serve corporate counsel and corporations across the globe from offices in Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; Jacksonville, Florida; London, UK*; Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; Munich, Germany; New York, New York; Southampton, UK* and Washington, D.C.

(*Denotes offices of Smith, Gambrell & Russell International, LLP)

Our attorneys are focused in primary disciplines featuring more than 45 specialized practice areas. Our clients welcome guidance in specific areas of law and value attorneys who can deliver specialized levels of legal service within those areas.

Our goal is to provide swift, expert and cost-effective legal support to our clients. With more than 125 years of experience practicing law across the globe, we have developed a practice designed to get your business done quickly and efficiently while assigning the right talent to give you the help you need.

We look forward to serving you with expert legal counsel, responsiveness, skill and professionalism.

Global Reach

Smith Gambrell Russell is a member of TerraLex, one of the largest and most selective global law firm networks. TerraLex members are leading business law firms in their countries with strong local practices and connections. They are experienced in working with international clients on cross-border matters. TerraLex firms are high-value providers. TerraLex has more than 155 member firms in 100 countries comprising more than 17,000 lawyers.

TerraLex emphasizes collaboration among its member firms. Its service standards commit all member firms to provide ‘best client service’ on all TerraLex member matters. Teams of TerraLex firms regularly handle multi-jurisdiction cross-border transactions for sophisticated clients. SGR regularly works with TerraLex firms both as the lead firm on international transactions and as the lead Georgia team member.

The History of SGR

When the founders of Smith Gambrell Russell began practicing law in 1893, they did so with a commitment to excellence, which has become the firm’s tradition.

We are proud of the industry and community accomplishments that the many members of SGR have achieved over the years. This value continues to grow stronger as new chapters of history are being written on Smith Gambrell Russell.

  • 1893 – Alexander & Victor Smith form a partnership known as Alexander & Victor Smith
  • 1896 – E. Smythe Gambrell is born
  • 1909 – Alex Smith Jr. joins Smith, Hammond, & Smith
  • 1913 – Victor L. Smith brings famous opera star Enrico Caruso and the Metropolitan Opera to Atlanta
  • 1923 – Alexander Wyly Smith, III is born
  • 1924 – E. Smythe Gambrell founded The Atlanta Legal Aid
  • 1927 – E. Smythe Gambrell begins representing Eastern Airlines
  • 1939 – E. Smythe Gambrell becomes a partner in Gambrell & White
  • 1948 – Harold L. Russell is named partner in Gambrell, Harlan, Barwick & White
  • 1949 – Alexander Wyly Smith, III joins the Firm of Smith, Partridge, Field & Doremus
  • 1955 – E. Smythe Gambrell serves as president of the American Bar Association
  • 1962 – The Smith, Field, Ringel, Martin & Carr Firm represents some Air France passengers in one of the world’s worst air disasters. The Gambrell, Harlen, Russell, Move & Richardson Firm represented Air France in the same tragic event.
  • 1966 – The Smith, Ringel, Martin & Lowe Firm merges with Cohen, Kohler, Barnwell & Chambers
  • 1973 – Gambrell Hall opens at Emory University in Atlanta
  • 1984 – Smith, Cohen, Ringel, Kohler & Martin merges with Gambrell & Russell
  • 1985 – The Firm institutes the Smith, Gambrell & Russell Law Student Scholarship at The University of Georgia
  • 1989 – The Firm institutes the Smith, Gambrell & Russell Law Student Scholarship at Emory University
  • 1986 – E. Smythe Gambrell dies
  • 1991 – The Firm moves into the new Promenade office tower in Atlanta
  • 1999 – The Firm opens an office in Washington, DC
  • 2000 – The Firm expands opening an office in Jacksonville
  • 2002 – The Firm adds Zoning, Planning and Land Use Practice Area
  • 2005 – Jacksonville Office enters Top 10 Law Firms List
  • 2006 – Frankfurt, Germany Office is opened
  • 2008 – New York, New York Office is opened
  • 2017 –  London, U.K. Office is opened
  • 2017 – Southhampton, U.K. Office is opened
  • 2017 – Munich, Germany Office is opened
  • 2018 – Los Angeles, California Office is opened
  • 2018 – Miami, Florida Office is opened


SGR networks with a variety of important legal organizations. We are proud to both enhance and draw from the resources these provide.
SGR’s Professional Legal & Business/Civic Organizations

Office Locations

We proudly serve corporate counsel and corporations across the globe from offices in Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; Jacksonville, Florida; London, UK; Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; Munich, Germany; New York, New York;  Southampton, UK; and Washington, DC. We look forward to serving you with expert legal counsel, responsiveness, skill and professionalism.

For more information on SGR’s International Practice involving offices outside of the U.S., click here.

  • Atlanta, GA

    1105 W. Peachtree St. N.E.
    Suite 1000
    Atlanta, GA 30309 USA


  • Austin, TX

    500 West 2nd Street
    Suite 1900
    Austin, TX 78701 USA


  • Jacksonville, FL

    Bank of America Tower
    50 N. Laura Street, Suite 2600
    Jacksonville, FL 32202 USA


  • London

    Smith, Gambrell & Russell International, LLP
    Birchin Court
    20 Birchin Lane
    London, EC3V 9DU
    44 (0)20 7084 9240


  • Los Angeles, CA

    444 South Flower Street
    Suite 1700
    Los Angeles, CA 90071


  • Miami, FL

    2 S. Biscayne Blvd.
    Suite 3000
    Miami, FL 33131


  • Munich

    München, Germany
    +49 0800 589 2654
  • New York, NY

    1301 Avenue of the Americas
    21st Floor
    New York, NY 10019 USA


  • Southampton

    Smith, Gambrell & Russell International, LLP
    The Gallery
    King’s Somborne
    Hampshire, SO20 6PH UK
    44 (0)20 7084 9240


  • Washington, D.C.

    1055 Thomas Jefferson Street, NW
    Suite 400
    Washington, DC 20007 USA



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Bar Admissions

TerraLex and Bridge Group Member Firms

SGR is a world-renowned law firm. Our individual attorneys and their affiliates are admitted to practice in 37 states within the United States and in more than 40 countries around the world.

Admissions by Location

Affiliation Links

The Terralex Group
The Bridge Group

Diversity and Inclusion

SGR is actively committed to diversity in recruiting, retention and advancement of all professionals and support staff.

At Smith Gambrell Russell, we recognize that attracting the widest array of talent enhances our ability to serve our clients and our communities. We are dedicated to providing a work environment where each person is valued for his or her perspectives, skills and talents, is treated respectfully, is able to communicate openly and is encouraged to develop to his or her full potential as a contributor to the success of the firm and the communities we serve.

Among the principles that guide SGR’s approach to diversity management is our recognition that diversity management is simply the right thing to do. In addition, diversity not only enhances our work environment, but also gives us a competitive edge.

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Pro Bono

SGR is very concerned about the community and the people therein. From the very beginning, pro bono activities have been an integral part of our culture. We collaborate with various not-for-profit organizations to impact the lives of so many in need. Not only does society as a whole benefit, but our lives are enriched, as well.

E. Smythe Gambrell, our name partner, founded the Atlanta Legal Aid Society in 1924 and served as its president for almost two decades. His spirit continues to inspire our pro bono activities nine decades later.

As the Firm grew through the 20th century, our practice of law continued to focus on serving those in need. In recent years, we have reviewed and refreshed our commitment throughout the organization. Staff members and summer associates alike enjoy being a part of the community by reaching out to those less fortunate.

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SGR Women’s Initiative

An affinity group committed to the advancement of professional women. SGR Women’s Initiative recognizes the importance of retaining women in the workplace, fostering stronger relationships, and providing added value to its business and social communities. For the firm’s female attorneys, SGR Women’s Initiative focuses on mentoring and providing resources to hone the skills necessary for career advancement. For the firm’s female clients, contacts and friends, SGR Women’s Initiative aims to create opportunities to network and programs to educate about important legal and social issues.

American Business Women’s Day

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Women’s History Month

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